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2020 North Point Lighthouse Lecture Series Topics

Jan 8

John Eastberg
Historian | Pabst Mansion
Captain Frederick Pabst. Beyond the Brewhouse

Captain Frederick Pabst is widely known as one of Milwaukee’s great beer barons, but this legendary character had many other interests than only brewing beer. Pabst Mansion historian, John C. Eastberg will lead you through the extraordinary life of Captain Pabst, starting with his days as a cabin boy on a Great Lakes steamer to eventually working his way up to Captain by his early twenties. Following his success as a brewer, Pabst was able to explore his interests in horse breeding, art collecting and serving as a civic leader, promoting Milwaukee as the German Athens of the West. The lecture will include dozens of rare photos illustrating the many fascinating facets of Captain Pabst beyond the brewhouse.

Feb 12

Steve Schaffer
Assistant Archivist | Milwaukee County Historical Society
Milwaukee’s Three Founders

Milwaukee County Historical Society Librarian Steve Schaffer will give a talk on the individual backgrounds, goals and achievements of three very different people who contributed to the success of their landscape divided by the rivers. Settlement was competitive, the local ingredients of woodlands, potential farmland, and new business opportunities created a thriving metropolis which celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2018.

March 11

Eric Gietzen, Eric Berg
The Legacy of Tom Blake – From Milwaukee to influential surfer, inventor, photographer.

Tom Blake was born in Milwaukee but went on to become a leading figure in the international surfing world. He invented water safety equipment and photography equipment for underwater pictures, and, his personal style defined what we still admire as the “surfer type”.

April 8 | Canceled

Juliet Hills
Jacques Marquette and Jean Nicolet

Travel along with Nicolet and Fr. Marquette from French Canada across Lake Michigan and through the river systems. What did they experience? Who did they meet? What was the winter of 1674/75 like for them?

May 13 | Canceled

Capt. Stuhlreyer USCG
United States Coast Guard history on the Great Lakes.

The Coast Guard District 9 has responsibility for maintaining safe and legal activities on the Great Lakes. Learn about rescues, intercepting illegal goods, and ice breaking activities that impact boats and ships on the Great Lakes.

June 10 | Canceled

Juliet Hills
City of Three Rivers

Milwaukee’s development depended on three rivers coming together at what is now a busy harbor, and continues to celebrate life on the water with recreational and commercial use. The Coast Guard, lighthouses, and stories of sail, steam, and speed help reveal this unique environment.

July 8 | Canceled

Dr. Patrick Steele

Milwaukee Braves – The battle for baseball in Milwaukee
How small market Milwaukee won and subsequently lost the Milwaukee Braves Major League Baseball club.

Aug 12 | Canceled

Chris Szczesny-Adams
Edward Townsend Mix

Edward Townsend Mix was one of Milwaukee’s most acclaimed, prolific, and influential architects of the gilded age. Many of his buildings are still standing and continue to amaze us.

Sept 9 | Canceled

Jim Fricke
Curator | Harley Davidson Museum
Harley Davidson History

A snapshot of Harley-Davidson’s formative years & evolution of the Harley-Davidson factory complex – illustrating a chapter of Milwaukee history when the city was known as the “Machine Shop to the World.”

Oct 14 | Canceled

Alan J. Strekow
Cyril Colnik, Milwaukee’s Master Metalsmith

The man whose artistry and technical mastery transformed metal into works of beauty for homes, businesses, and public buildings in Milwaukee.

Nov 11 | Canceled

River Keepers
100 Years on the Milwaukee River

The first white settlers of Milwaukee found a pristine river. There was summer swimming and winter ice harvesting, but with industrial and residential development it became a putrid, polluted waterway. After decades of involvement by devoted advocates and concerned voters the river is once again attracting residents and sport activities.

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