The US Coast Guard took over lighthouses from the US Lighthouse Service in 1939. Keepers had been under civil service and some were allowed to remain working in that status.

In the days of keepers, the keeper lived in the lighthouse and had keeper duties. In the Coast Guard era, the USCG personnel in Milwaukee were not necessarily involved at all with lighthouse duties.

Position Last Name First Name Year (start) Year (end)
Keeper Bates Eli Jr. 1836 1848
Keeper Ragan James 1848 1849
Keeper Sherwood Josiah 1849 1853
Keeper Sullivan Andrew 1853 1856
Keeper Burke Michael 1856 1861
Keeper Bruin William 1861 1871
Keeper Green Daniel 1871 1874
Keeper Stebbins Georgia 1874 1907
Keeper Adams Samuel Jr. 1907 1909
Keeper Bailey Thomas 1909 1917
Keeper Knudsen Martin 1917 1924
Keeper Johnson Reynold 1924 1940
USCG Rotta Michael 1937 1952
USCG Erdmann Roger 1959 1960
USCG Coakley Leo 1971 1975

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