North Point Lighthouse Private Rentals 2017

Wedding Proposals
(Inclusive of photography fee; tax and cleaning fee waived)
$100.00 per hour during open museum hours
(Sat/Sun 1-4 p.m. or during special additional public hours)

$250.00 per hour, semi-private, 12-1 or 4-5 pm Sat/Sun when open, OR one hour on either side of public hours

$500.00 per hour, private, any other time, including holidays as available

Wedding Ceremony Only on Bluff:
No access or assistance from the lighthouse,
chairs only, no tenting permitted
$600.00 (includes photography fee)

*Wedding Ceremony Only (In lighthouse/and outside):
3 hours, inside and out
$1500.00 (use of bluff additional $600.00)

*Wedding Ceremony and Reception:
$2800.00 (use of bluff additional $600.00)

Wedding Rehearsal (no banquet): $150 per hour (No tax)

*Banquet Only: 5 – 7 hours
$2000.00 – 1st 5 hours plus $400.00 each additional hour
(i.e. $400 per hour, minimum 5 hours for banquets)

*Fees reflect rental of museum and property, which includes on site staff, photography, cleaning fee and tax.

Photography Only: Inside and/or out $150.00 per hour

Non-Holiday Weekday
(Monday-Thursday) Daytime rate (8AM – 4PM):
40% off

Non-Profit: 50% off all rates except where noted. No further seasonal discounts.

Board Room: Weekdays Monday-Thursday, $75 per hour, minimum 3 hours. No further discounts.

Lunch & Learn: $25.00 per person /minimum groups of 30 or $750 whichever is greater. No further discounts.

Event Hours:
8AM – 10PM Monday – Thursday
8AM – 11PM Friday
4PM – 11PM Saturday – Sunday

60 gallery level seated meal service

90 gallery level audience lecture

100 gallery level standing only events with food and beverage service

100 – 175 gallery level, lawn, and patio with tent (required for over 100 people for banquet service)

Low season rates: November 1 – April 30 – Discount 15% of listed rates except where noted

Equipment Rentals and Other Preferred Vendors will be provided upon request.
Canopies 414.760.0770