The North Point Lighthouse is a very lean operation. Some of its frame is the Lighthouse, Tower, artifacts and exhibits. But its real resources are our dedicated team of volunteers who offer themselves as resources to our community.

Our curator emeritus, John Enright, provides two lectures (A History of Women Who Kept Lighthouses and an introduction to the life scrapbook of North Point Lighthouse Keeper Georgia Stebbins) and is a wealth of information on maritime history and lighthouses.

Our Education Committee is comprised of educators who collectively teach about Wisconsin maritime history, math and science from fourth through 12th grades, as well as take their ship’s trunk of nautical materials to deliver talks at schools. Seasoned docents like Mike Connor and Audrey Gloor provide tailored tours for individuals and groups.

Our president, John Scripp, Of Counsel with Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek law firm, pioneered the restoration of this lighthouse and specializes in Environmental law. He offers insights into historic preservation and environmental issues, particularly as it impacts our place on the Great Lakes coastline.

Mark Kuehn, our curator, seizes a consensus on an idea for a new exhibit and spins it into a presentation of the highest quality. Our Operations Manager May Klisch and Marketing Director Kevin Walzak weave the North Point Lighthouse story into the fabric of Milwaukee museums and attractions to develop and promote our destination as a top tourist attraction.

We are fortunate to have a passionate group of Master Gardeners (of Southeast Wisconsin) to tend our grounds. They bring expansive expertise in everything horticultural, offering lectures and workshops to our community at the lighthouse. Throughout the year, guests lecture on a great variety of topics, such as historian John Gurda speaking on The Making of Milwaukee or the story of Jones Island; Kimm Stabelfeldt on diving and research of great wrecks and artifacts in the Great Lakes; Al Muchka, Milwaukee Public Museum, on Lighthouse Depots; authors Barb and Ken Wardius about Wisconsin Lighthouses; author Rochelle Pennington on the story of The Christmas Tree Ship; Marcia Carmichael on Heritage Gardens; and many more.


Online Resources

Wisconsin Shipwrecks

Centuries of exploration, travel, commerce, and recreation on the Great Lakes have left an impressive trail of maritime cultural resources along Wisconsin’s Great Lakes shorelines. North Point Lighthouse is listed as a maritime attraction.


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Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association

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The National Park Service’s inventory of historic light stations.

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A non-profit historical and educational organization to educate, inform, and entertain those who are interested in America’s lighthouses.