Directors & Officers

John Scripp

Vice President
David Remstad
Northwestern Mutual

John Calewarts
Attorney at Law, O’Neil Cannon Hollman DeJong & Laing

Dan Somma
Program Committee
United States Coast Guard, Commander Lake Michigan

John Bach
Facilities Committee

Mike Connor
Chair – Program Committee

Grant Killoran
Chair – Events Committee
Attorney at Law, O’Neil Cannon Hollman DeJong & Laing

Mark Kuehn
Curator, Program Committee
Anthologie: A Creative Communications Company

David O’Brien
Chair – Facilities Committee
Lake Park Friends Liaison

Toby Reynolds
Program Committee
Historic Water Tower Neighborhood Association Representative
Attorney at Law, Hansen, Reynolds, Dickinson, Crueger, LLC

Dana Stevens
Chair – Technology Committee

Kevin Walzak
Chair – Marketing Committee
Events Committee
Walzak Marketing Communications, Inc.

John Enright
Curator Emeritus

Joseph A. Libnoch, M.D.
Director Emritus

Operations Manager
Sue Grzeca

North Point Lighthouse Friends, Inc. was established in 2002 by the Historic Water Tower
Neighborhood Association, Inc. and Lake Park Friends